shower doors

Glassworx is your ultimate destination for all your window and door needs. We go above and beyond by providing a range of custom services to fine-tune and improve the performance of your windows.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Screen Repair/Replacement: Trust Glassworx for professional screen repair and replacement services. We restore the functionality and aesthetics of your windows, ensuring a bug-free and enjoyable ventilation experience.

  • Window/Door Adjustment: If your windows or doors are not opening or closing properly, our skilled technicians perform precise adjustments to ensure smooth operation and a proper fit. Say goodbye to frustrating movements and embrace effortless functionality.

  • Window/Door Lubrication: Over time, windows and doors may become stiff or difficult to operate. Our lubrication services ensure smooth movement and effortless functionality, enhancing your overall window experience.

  • Window/Door Frame Sealing: Proper sealing is vital for energy efficiency and preventing air or water leaks. At Glassworx, we meticulously inspect and seal any gaps or cracks in the window or door frames, improving insulation and weather resistance.

  • Other Glass Repair and Carpentry Work: In addition to hardware services, we offer expert glass repair and carpentry work to address any issues with your windows or doors. Our skilled team handles a wide range of repairs and carpentry needs, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Why Choose shower doors?

  • Why Choose Glassworx:

    • Windows with Operation Issues: If your windows don’t open or close properly, stay up, or are jammed, our hardware services will restore their functionality, allowing you to enjoy seamless operation.

    • Security and Peace of Mind: We address any concerns regarding window or patio door locks, ensuring your home or office remains secure and protected.

    • Screen Replacement: Missing or damaged screens compromise ventilation and attract pests. Glassworx provides screen replacement services, restoring the integrity of your windows and enabling a refreshing, bug-free airflow.

    Experience the Glassworx Difference:

    Choose Glassworx for top-notch hardware replacement and miscellaneous services. Our dedicated team ensures your windows are in optimal condition, delivering enhanced functionality and peace of mind. Contact us today to experience the benefits of our professional services and expertise.